Welcome to Boys State 365!

No doubt, the days immediately leading up to Boys State and the week of Boys State itself are probably the most visibly active days involving the largest numbers of people volunteering and participating during the year. 

It probably no suprise that for those days to be as impactful as possible, literally thousands of volunteer hours ahead of that experience are necessary. 

There really is no off-season to Boys State, but there is always a pre-season, and your help is needed! Whether you just went to state this past June, or you went to state several decades ago, the program needs your help to survive and thrive.

We need volunteers like you throughout the year, but often people like you don't really know how to get plugged in to what's happening. We share part of that mess because we have not done a good job of linking your skills and time with our needs and teams.

To that end, this process is being put in place for the 2019 session (June 2-7) to link folks together. On this page you will find a short survey that lists all the opportunities to help. You simply complete the form and then I make certain the people facilitating the need get your information and reach out to you. 

Here are some of the questions I anticipate you might have:

  • Can I only help if I volunteer the week of the program? No! You can help without being at session.
  • What if all I can do is write a check to help sponsor a stater? That's great! We always need more sponsors.
  • Do I need to volunteer in the pre-season if I want to be on staff this coming year? Yes!
  • If I want to be on staff this coming year, how many pre-season volunteer hours do I need? 30

 Where do I log my hours? You can log them on this form.


Fill out my online form.